Thursday, 13 April 2017

Beyond the Lines

Beyond the lines

I saw an eye of a soldier.Then I looked out the window and saw some waves in the sea. We were in a boat. It stopped at a beach. The ramp came down and all the soldiers came out and so did we. We saw a lot of stuff on the ground. If you touch it, it will blow up. One of the soldiers fell over on the ground. He touched it but it did not blow up. He did not touch it hard enough to make it blow up. Now we fell over on the ground we got up and hid behind some stuff on the ground. They tried not to touch it. we saw our dad. We went to him. He open his eye and saw us and got surprise. He saw some people got head shots and dead. But it was not my dad. He was a brave dad and a good dad so he went to go and get the bad people. But he got shot in the face so he was dead we were alone but are grandad was there he get us and went to his house. We stayed in our grandad house he had a cool manshin. The end  

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