Friday, 5 May 2017


It was 6:51 in the morning. The sun was coming up. I went to go get a drink of water and come back. I got back some pirates were coming aboard the ship. They got to the ship of robots. The pirates did not know the robots where on the ship. They got on the ship and some people heard the pirates. The pirates went into the engine room and saw some people playing a card game.
They went to the eating room and got some food for them. They got some soup and some carrots and run away.

They run to the boss's room and the pirate said to the boss do you know how I am how said the boss the private said” I am the new boss. So give me the key .”  Some more pirates came aboard the ship and went to get the cars. The pirates said where are they. The robots came out. They were all around the pirates. One of the robot said boo the pirates ran all away. One robot was waiting for the pirate to come. The pirate came but he was running he fell overboard and was in the water. Some move privates fell overboard. A robot went  to go get some move pirate’s. The robot said look at all the pirates they were impressive but not  impressive enough. We are more  impressive than you. So go back to your ship and never come back. The end

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